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From CAW Secretariat

A New Life was Born

A call was rung to CAW office on 5th March from James, the husband of Dolly, CAW's new secretariat member, in India informing us that she has already delivered a baby girl on 4th March. It is 2.9kg in weight. Both mother and baby are fine and they are with Dolly's family. The whole family will come back to HK together by end of April. Dolly will start work in CAW office in May.

Congratulation to Dolly and James and wish their family all the best.

Video on the Impact of industrial restructuring on women workers in Asia, Case studies on Sri Lanka, Thailand and South Korea

Three years ago, CAW has done a research on industrial restructuring on six Asian countries. Then it was suggested to produce a video for local educational work and advocacy. Now it is at the last stage of production. By June, the video will be completed. The price is US$50/copy including air mail postage. If there is any financial difficulty, pls. contact us directly. Any groups/organisation who are interested to have a copy of the video, please contact CAW secretariat.

Seminar to discuss World Bank report on China, 14-16 January, 1998

Oxfam-HK organised an internal seminar to discuss the World Bank
report on China. There were seven topics on China 2020, environment, food security, pension reform, financing health care, income disparities and integration with global economy. CAW was invited to the seminar to give some input from the perspective of Asian women workers, particularly on the sessions on China 2020 and integration with global economy.

Roundtable Meeting on Social Security - Employment Policies into the 21st Century: An Asian Pacific Perspective, 3-5 March, 1998

Some of CAW's network groups and CAW secretariat participated in the roundtable meeting to present the situation from their own countries' experiences. They are Michiko Hiroki from Asian Women Workers' Centre, Japan, Nasim Gulzer from Working Women Organisation, Pakistan, and Linda To from Hong Kong Women Workers Association.

Protest to Indonesian Consulate in Hong Kong

Representatives of local and regional organisations based in HK had a demonstration outside the Indonesian Consulate on 1st April to protest against the kidnapping of Andi Arief who is the president of the SMID ––Student in Solidarity for Democracy in Indonesia and the prominent spokesperson of the PRD - People's Democratic Party by the civilian military intelligence forces of the Suharto government. At the same time, we protested
against the brutal military rule of Suharto whose government has escalated its attempts to crackdown on democracy-fighters in Indonesia. We expressed our strong support to the just struggles of the Indonesian people against the crony power politics and the brutal military rule of Suharto government.

Roundtable Meeting organised by DAWN on "Impact of the Asian Economic Crisis on Women", 11-14 April, 1998, in the Philippines

Agnes participated in the roundtable meeting and gave an input from women workers perspective.

After the meeting, she stayed on in the Philippines to work with the Center for Women's Resource (CWR) which is the editor for CAW's Training Resource Book. The book is scheduled to be published in May and it will be translated into different Asian languages for the use of local women workers educational programmes.

New office of CAW's network group, Friends of Women Foundation (FOW), Thailand

One of CAW's network group, FOW in Thailand, has just moved to a new office in the March. The following is their new address:

Friends of Women Foundation (FOW)
386/61-6, Soi Chalermsuk
Raschadapisek Road, Chatujak
Bangkok, Thailand 10900
Tel.: 662-5131001
Fax: 662-5131929

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Vol. 17 No. 2 April 1998