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about the editor

Asian Women Workers Newsletter is published quarterly by Committee for Asian Women (CAW). It reports the issues, news, struggles and life experiences on Asian women workers.

If you work with women workers, and you want to share your struggles and experiences in your country, we are glad to receive your contributions and publish it in the newsletter. We are also interested in exchanging publications with labour groups, women organisations and trade unions.

Biannual Subscription:

Hong Kong & MacauHK$100
Outside Asia & JapanUS$40

Please send your subscription and a bank cheque payable to "CAW LIMITED" to the secretariat

Secretariat address:
Unit E, 4/F, Skyline Tower, 18 Tong Mi Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, HONG KONG.
Telephone: (852) 27226150
Fax: (852) 23699895


CAW is a regional women workers organisation with the following objectives:

1. Assists in consciousness raising among women workers in formal and informal sectors in Asia towards the realisation of the commonalities of their situations, problems and analysis;
2. Supports the organising efforts of the organised women workers to effect favourable changes in their lives;
3. Facilitates networking and linkages amongst women workers and related groups within Asia and outside for solidarity and support.

To subscribe the full version of this newsletter, please give an e-mail to

Last updated: 28 February 1998


Updated by: Kevin Li (HKPWD)

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2 Asian Women Workers Newsletter Vol. 17 No. 1 January 1998