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What must be done:

If the IMF/WB remains at large, Third world countries will forever be at its mercy. Foreign control and interference will forever be present and there will never be space to develop more self-reliant and sustainable economies.

If the IMF-WB is to be reformed or fixed, that is still no assurance that the third world countries will be freed from its bondage. In the first place will it be possible to reform it? No, for which powerful multinational corporations would allow the IMF-WB to abandon its structural adjustment advocacy which has proved so fruitful to them? and which multinational corporation would allow the IMF-WB to advance a democratic and ecologically sustainable development agenda that will threaten its prerogatives?

The IMF-WB should be shut down.

This is the only way to stop it. Whatever transitional difficulties this one and only powerful way of stopping the IMF-WB can be overcome. The struggle to shut down the IMF-WB did not begin with the NGO's clamour for it to be reformed and to close down. It has been waged by peoples movement in their respective countries. It has been fought by the oppressed and exploited people in the third world, especially the peasants and indigenous people have millitantly fought against the IMF-WB's anti-people mega projects.

It is only through a united and militant people's movement that the IMIF-WB can be defeated. Whilst the oppressed and exploited people struggle, the non-governmental organisations and pro-people concerned institutions can add their strength by echoing-off the demands of the people.

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24 Asian Women Workers Newsletter Vol. 17 No. 1 January 1998