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Women Expressing Themselves

I am a stream

My origins lie in a mountain and then I begin to flow

there are stones and pebbles in my way,

But I go on flowinq thinking one day I will join the sea,

So I start small, but aspire for something biq as time goes by.

I am a river both pure and dirty

happy and sad,

Some bathe in me; some throw waste in me,

I face many difficulties in my path to reach my

destination - the sea.


I am like the sea

clear, clean and pure in mind and by heart

I take all kinds of life experiences into myself,

all streams join into me.

I am free and frank with an open heart for everyone.

picture I am a book

One person writes me

a different one reads me,

Some enjoy reading me, others cry .....

I am closed within the pages

my happiness and sadness lies within me,

I let others read (use) me without saying

anything, remain silent within.


I am like a flame

givinq light but burning myself,

I am briqht when happy and,

flicker when sad,

completely scared of dimming


I am a stone

I have no feelings

I don't hurt anyone, but

People use me to hurt others

I am opposed by people around

I go on tolerating .....


*Expressions of women activists of Orissa, India


(Source: Women's link Vol. 3, No. 1)

Asian Women Workers Newsletter Vol 17 No. 1 January 1998 21