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asian women workers newsletter
caw Published by Committee for Asian Women (CAW)
Vol.16 No.4, October 1997

And New
Affect Women
Workers In

- compiled by Swasti Mitter and Cecilia Ng and edited by Geraldine Reardon

As part of a wider research project of the United Nations University - Institute of New Technology (UNU/INTECH), aimed at assessing the impact of technology and technological changes on women’s employment in the Asian region, a series of reports were commissioned. The reports were based on investigations by selected NGOs and trade unions in each country. The investigations were carried out simultaneously in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. These countries were selected to reflect the wide variety in the region in terms of size, state of industrialisation and market orientation.

The underlying theme of the research is that women and women's labour in this region have been, and continue to be, changed profoundly and irreversibly by technological change. The investigations revealed that increasing and intensifying international trade and investment combines with technological change to create a climate of socio-economic turmoil in which the lives of working women are changed forever.

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Note : The project (Monitoring the Impact of New Technologies on Women's Industrial Work in Asia) was jointly funded by UNIFEM and the Ministry of Development Cooperation, The Netherlands

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